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Building digital health products that are scalable, secure, HIPAA Compliant, and launch ready.

Building digital health products that are scalable, secure, HIPAA Compliant and launch ready.

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What we offer?

Through end-to-end development, Productbox enables you to solve the challenges of health tech.


By partnering with the leadership team we help conceptualize, design and develop products that address business needs not just tech requirements.


We invest the time and resources upfront to understand the full scope of client requirements and design a plan that helps future-proof their solution.


Providing Technical support for your product, let us deal with the clients, log their concerns in a ticketing system and follow up with your team till its resolved.


We bring together the disparate components of your digital infrastructure into a cohesive system and ensure that they work together seamlessly to meet your objectives.

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Creating robust and scalable products!

We are a software development company on a mission to transform the global healthcare system. We help our partners build digital healthcare products by providing cutting edge engineering teams that accelerate development, improvise ongoing innovation and untangle complex issues.

With healthcare innovation occurring at an unprecedented pace, we believe preventive, personalized, and participative health care can help every human in this world live healthy. By leveraging data analytics, AI/Machine Learning, Sensors, and Data Integrations, we can make healthcare affordable and available to all. Our partners and customers share our belief and that makes us one army!

Who we are!

Our carefully crafted team of software developers, quality assurance engineers, scrum masters make Productbox the one stop shop for all your engineering needs. We ensure quality and efficiency on all our deliverables by utilizing agile processes and automated testing.

Since Productbox is primarily focused on building healthcare solutions we know how important data privacy is when it comes to clinical information. That is why our team is especially proficient in HIPAA, and will ensure that your product is going to be compliant with both these legislations. 

To our customers, we create magic, crafting solutions more quickly, effectively and productively than the ‘big guys’. We love to punch above our weight and that fuels our pride.

Group of Amazing Engineers and much more..

Our team consists of experienced software developers, quality assurance engineers and scrum masters who are determined to provide quality and efficiency, accelerate the development and overcome complex issues

We strive for the best!

We believe that a predictable, reliable engineering team that builds the wrong thing is not a success. The engineering leader (and the engineers themselves) have to feel ownership and responsibility around what they are building, not just how they are building it. This empowers engineers to focus on figuring out how to make the team more successful, more autonomous, and more bought into their mission

Our Team

We have a bunch of amazing people on our team who are always there to provide the customer with the best of their skills

Waleed Waseem Khwaja

Waleed Waseem Khawaja
CEO and Chief Architect

Before founding Productbox, Waleed worked as Sr. Application Engineer for a healthcare startup for 5 years that raised over $20m in funding. They built a secure and scalable platform that served over 100,000 patients in US and named one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

We Are Proud Of Our Work

We build Digital Health solutions for Health Tech product companies, Payers and Providers. We make your business stand out. Interested? Let's chat.

Senior Care

Senior Care Market Place

We helped our customer create a marketplace that would let families and seniors find the best match for their senior living residence. Leveraging AI and adaptive surveys, we recommend the options.

Chronic Care Management

We helped build a chronic care management system that allows physician offices to get reimbursed on CCM services. It captures the notes, time-spent and care plans, and share with CMS.

Care coordination

Care Coordination System

We helped develop a care coordination platform that helps connect care providers at senior living with outside providers like physicians, hospitals, therapists, pharmacies, etc.



We helped create dynamic and robust module which allow our customers to create surveys with all sorts of questions.


HL7 Integrations

For several of our customers we have done clinical and non-clinical integrations.

Technologies we work on!

With our experience, we always bring the best services for Clients


Loved By Our Customers

Our customers are our partners. We completely own their projects as if it's our own!

Engineer Lead

Yasser El-Sayed
(Chief Technology Officer at Meddy)

"The Productbox team was responsive, capable and elicit great understand in building applications. They’ve completed all they’ve set out to do and were responsive with the many changes that we’ve requested. Was a pleasure working with Productbox.​"

Anya Shapina

Anya Shapina
(CEO at Wysefit)

"Productbox worked on the Wysefit mobile app. They were attentive, dedicated, and processes-driven. They often worked on weekends and odd hours when we had deadlines. I felt that they had my back; acting not as an outsourced team but like a dedicated team whom I could rely upon. I enjoyed working with Productbox."

John Tytko

John Tytko
(VP Finance and Administration at Caremerge)

“Productbox was able to quickly assist Caremerge with Data Export needs from our back-end. Productbox identified our architecture, and understood the process that was needed, and proposed a plan and an associated budget. If I have any future needs for data export, manipulation or import services; Productbox is my first choice as a vendor to respond efficiently and effectively to my organizations’ needs”

Hassan Bakhshi

Hassan Bakhshi
(Product Manager at Caremerge)

"Productbox is an outstanding partner. They don’t even feel like a contractor, but more like a fully integrated team. Waleed and his team are experts in their trade. The Software development they provided was above and beyond. When you work with them, you’re actually going to get something valuable."

Taimur Rizwan

Muhammad Taimur Rizwan
(CTO at Therappy)

"What started with a 6-month contract with Productbox is almost touching 12 months now, thanks to their competitive pricing model and quality of service(s) offered; the entire development process was extremely transparent, professional and meticulous. I'm happy to have signed with Productbox, and I would highly recommend their service(s) to others who are looking for end-to-end development services."


Brandon Compagna
(VP of Product at LifestyleCX)

"QA resources provided by Productbox are top-notch. Our QA engineer is meticulous to detail, manually tests each new feature in all different environments, plus is always interested in learning about new technologies to help automate and improve our QA process."